La-favorita Coffee Machines

La Favorita – the only Israeli manufacturer of professional espresso machines – since 1952. 

 La Favorita has been making espresso machines for the away from home market in Israel for many years and our machines can be found all over the country – from coffee shops to hotels, to catering services, airport terminals, high-tech companies, gas stations convenient stores etc. 

 We have been building the machines using state of the art components , purchased from the same Italian manufacturers that are supplying to all the leading Italian machine builders. In addition our machines are built with the intention to minimize the need for maintenance and provide high level of reliability to the coffee shop operator.  

Also we have designed the machine to be able to work under heavy load conditions – being equipped with a large boiler two steamers and tea faucet. The machine is controlled by electronic board and easily operated by a push button panel with programming flexibility Our product range starts from a small one group Junior model ( with 4 liter boiler),to one group classic ( with 7 liter boiler), Two group compact ( with 12 liter boiler), two group classic ( with 16.5 liter boiler) and the classic three group (with 22 liter Boiler).  

Machine model is fitted to the daily usage of coffee, when most medium size coffee shops find the classic two group as the most suitable model for them and the very large locations and those that have to answer to high peak demands go for the three group model. The machines require very simple care on a periodical basis, mostly cleaning of the parts that are in contact with coffee and water ( group head, porta filters ), and the water going Into the machine needs to be softened via a water softener supplied separately. 

 With the many years of experience La favorita machines are considered to be an excellent professional solution at competitive prices high reliability and low maintenance costs.